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some people just don’t get it.

I went and ate a bunch of chicken with Ed tonight and I was really exhausted from eating so much celebration food that I came home and spaced out in front of episodes of Picket Fences on my computer and tried to decompress. I don’t know if this point has been brought up or not, and I’m sure it probably has by this late hour, but I feel like I gotta say something:

It appears that the ban on gay marriage is going to get passed, as well as Prop 2, which as Spiegs put it is basically asking that we give chickens “more legroom”.

What this tells me, California, is that you value the life of a chicken that was breed for your consumption more than you do about equal rights for your fellow man. Uh, hey guys? That’s fucking retarded.

No, I mean. I get it. Animals are cute. When you were voting to pass Prop 2, you were thinking “Oh, yeah. Well, I like animals. Sure!” But it’s about more than that, as is banning gay marriage. Voting no on the ban was not about letting the homos catch up to you and possibly beat you in the race of life, you fucking bigots. It was about preventing permanent restrictions on our rights. If you can’t look outside of yourself to find a reason to care, think about a right that you have been afforded as a citizen of this country being taken away from you because you are a part of any marginalized group. If that’s the kinda thing we’re into, then I want to ban all James Francos from boning any not mes.

Anyway, people are fucking idiots, but it’s OK. We have a black president, I have Sour Patch Kids.

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